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I don’t know why, but since the government started lecturing and hectoring on the perils of too much alcohol, I’ve been drinking more than usual. Now, I’ve never been much of a drinker, but every time I see a public health ad about such a subject, all I can think aout is how much I’d love a glass of wine. Nu Labour is driving me to drink!!!

They really are upsetting me though right now, so maybe it’s a subconcious rebellion thing. “Fie upon you and your puritan ways! Dost thou think that because though art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?”

And don’t even get me started on cakes. I used to love fruit loops, that artificially primary coloured, sugar encrusted breakfast cereal. I always stashed a box somewhere, and it was my sugary snack treat. A handful or two in a bowl after a bad day and I was a happy girl. Now I may need to lose a few pounds, but I am sure as hell not blaming it on my once-a-week fruit loop fix.

But can I buy the things now? Nooooo! Not even the dodgy european versions that Lidl used to sell. Talk about tyranny. I can just hear the health and safety inspectors/risk assessors/food thought police now, examing a bowl of fruit loops under the glare of a high wattage lamp, clad head to toe in radiation suits “Oh, no, you can’t sell those now. What if some parent were to buy this box of pure sin for their child? What if they then ate it (gasp) and then liked it (GASP)? What if they then became obese, got heart disease and died? All for a bowl of fruit loops? THE KIDS MUST BE PROTECTED!!!”

Now, I actually believe in healthy eating. I think that most people take far better care of their cars than they take of themselves. We’d all be happier if we were healthier. probably less depression for a start. BUT… I am 30 years old. I grow oregano and listen to radio 4 and am not ashamed to admit it. Why the hell shouldn’t I eat some neon coloured cereal every now and again if I damn well want it? If some parent doesn’t care what their child eats, then there are far more sources of artery-clogging lard they can feed them. The “Aren’t you lucky, kids. Wholemeal breadsticks!” brigade won’t buy them. Banning fruit loops will not save a single innocent life.

But it does take some of the artifically enhanced colour from my somewhat simple life.


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