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After hours of staring at an intimidating MS Word screen , I finally knocked my A-level music essay into shape. I don’t know why I felt so daunted, I like writing essays once I get into it. Anyway, it’s now been handed in for further feedback and I think I may finally have it sussed.

Rehearsed with Rebecca, who will be accompanying me for the A-level recital next week. She’s a very unusual creature, a black Romanian classical pianist, can’t be many of those about! You go girl! I made a total loon of myself by fluffing one of the final phrases in Virgam Vertutis, when I’ve sung it loads of times, and try as I might I just couldn’t sort it out. How embarrassing.

Am now settling down to spend the rest of the evening playing final fantasy 12 with Gary. I must finish that fleece rabbit soon as Dan and Becky had their baby, Martha Grace, last night


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