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So Labour lost in Crewe. Good. I’m glad. Perhaps they will make some changes now so that we don’t get another Tory government come the next election. I cannot believe how stupid and arrogant our ruling party has been. I’ll admit it. I know sod all about politics, but a day or so after last years budget, I went to my union in fury. I said that the abolishing the 10p tax band was an attack on the lowest paid, and that it would be a disaster. Why did it take people older, wiser and more experienced than me a year to come to the same conclusion?

I’m actually quite angry about the whole tax issue. I have no problem paying tax. I pay my taxes so that vulnerable people are not left destitute. So that everyone has opportunities and choices. I DO NOT pay my taxes pay for rich people’s lavish lifestyle. I DO NOT pay taxes to give to millionaire PFI bosses. Or to be wasted by quangos whose only concern is to create well paid jobs for themselves.

Or to subsidise businesses that don’t see why they should pay their employees a decent living wage. So much for the bloody tax credits. I’m sick of New Labour trumpeting these like they’re a gift from St Francis of Assissi. What’s wrong with raising the minimum wage to a decent level? Why should people go out to work for less? Why make the low-paid have to negotiate a complex and flawed system to beg for their own money back again? If employers cannot write a business plan without factoring in proper wages for all of their employees, perhaps they ummmm….shouldn’t be running a business?

And as for that appalling, patronising, childish “toff” campaign. The Tory canditate for Crewe is not from blue-blooded landed gentry stock. He is the son of cobblers made good. Being attacked by NuLab for his parents running a successful business reminds me of the idea of a former council estate tenant having his car keyed by the envious when he comes to visit his old friends. So Labour doesn’t want to encourage aspiration then? That’s the problem. Mixed messages. I have no idea what the Labour party stands for. They pay lip service to working people, then go scurrying to the mega-rich like feudal serfs.

I could go on all night, but it’s late. And I get the feeling that no matter what I say, it won’t make any difference.


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Finally got that A-level music coursework handed in. At the worst possible moment both the ink and paper ran out, meaning that I had to race round to the cartridge shop with a few minutes to go. Coursework having been printed out, I headed into town.

What is it with Travel West Midlands? THe bus drivers used to be really friendly, but  now they are the most miserable sods ever. They behave as though to pick up passengers is somehow beneath them. I had to stick out my hand twice before the surly bastard driving the bus looked as though he was going to stop. I made a joke of it as I boarded the bus and he just glared at me. As I stood to disembark, the bus braked really sharply and I staggered. Looking in the driver’s mirror, the twat seemed to be smirking. I’ve lost count of the number of times a bus has waited at the bus stop until a passenger is alongside, then pulled away, the driver smiling away.

I’m sure it can’t be much fun driving a bus driver. You have to deal with horrible passengers, and possibly have to take some stick now and again. But I’ve worked as a waitress and as a door to door market researcher, and that could be miserable at times. I never felt the need to take it out on every single person that I came across in the course of my work. I’m a pretty mild-mannered person, bu these miserable gits  bus drivers put me in such a bad mood that it is all I can do to keep from making some sarcastic comments. And no doubt if I do, they would blame me and then use it as an excuse to carry on being  twats.

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